Holiday Heist Easter Eggs

We wanted to sprinkle a few references to Hedgehog throughout our Christmas campaign to see if anyone would figure out that it was us spreading the fake news and staging the heist. 

Did you pick up on the hints we were dropping? There were 20 of them in total! Test yourself against the list below…

  1. The Daily Quill – Our fake news site was named after a hedgehog’s spines.
  2. Honest Hedges – The advert at the top of the site for Honest Hedges gardening services was a fake.
  3. Lying Hogs – So was the ad just below for Lying Hogs catering services.
  4. Mirage Digital Marketing – This was the last of our fixed fake ads if you read them top to bottom you’d get Hedges, Hogs, Digital Marketing.
  5. Teach English in Brazil – We had to slip in a little reference to our Brazilian contingent somewhere. 
  6. Wroclaw Christmas Market – And we couldn’t forget about our developer over in Poland. 
  7. Hogeman’s Gallery and Auction House – The gallery the painting was supposedly stolen from? Not real, in fact, it was just another reference to Hedgehog. 
  8. A. H. Gogg – The Cornish artist whose painting had previously been stoled from Hogeman’s was another reference to us. 
  9. Herr Igel – Our internationally wanted art thief, of course, wasn’t real. Herr Igel is actually Mr Hedgehog in German.
  10. Pawprints at the crime scene – The pawprints found at the supposed crime scene were another little reference to hedgehogs we dropped in.
  11. 15th Century Engraving – We just had to make the first piece of artwork Herr Igel stole Hedgehog related, didn’t we?
  12. Tim Rollins’s Artwork – Again, we couldn’t resist having another piece of hedgehog art stolen by our fake thief. 
  13. Herr Igel’s appearance – Dark, spiked hair with lighter tips, a small mouth and ears with a prominent nose… Slightly hedgehog-like, no?
  14. Rick LeGuy – The name of our falsely arrested suspect, Rick LeGuy… Prickly Guy… get it?
  15. ‘Curled up in a ball’ – How our Rick LeGuy tried to protect himself when he was arrested, just like a hedgehog would protect itself. 
  16. Detective Ouriço – The detective hunting for our fake thief’s name was actually hedgehog in Portuguese. 
  17. ‘Drag him out of his little nest’ – Where else would a hedgehog be hiding other than his nest?
  18. ‘Retreats underground in the winter’ – We had to get a reference to hibernation in there somewhere.
  19. Residents’ Association – Remember that letter you got from Mary Smith, the concerned chair of your local residents’ association? Well, that actually came from us. 
  20. Breaking News Emails – And those breaking news blast emails you got from The Daily Quill, well you must have figured out by now that they came from us!
  21. Hedgehog in the artwork – Tucked away in your personalised piece of art is a little hedgehog. 
  22. Ed Shogg – As a reference to last year’s campaign, we also hid a little Ed Shogg in your artwork. 

Did you figure us out? Or did we have you fooled?

Either way, we hope you enjoy your personalised piece of office art from Hedgehog.

From everyone at Hedgehog,

Have a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year!