Ram batters patio doors ‘fighting own reflection’ in Southwell

BBC News

Ram and smashed windows
What are ewe looking at? The rampaging ram may have been fighting its own reflection

An escaped ram smashed the windows of a patio door after getting into a back garden and “trying to fight its own reflection”.

Quentin Rayner said he found the Shetland ram “chewing on pot plants” at his home in Southwell, Nottinghamshire.

At first he thought the cause could be frost or vandals and was “shocked” when he spotted the curly-fleeced culprit.

Police said the animal had since been returned to its – presumably sheepish – owner.

Smashed windows
Flock of his life – Quentin Rayner found the damage when he opened his curtains

Mr Rayner, a BBC reporter, said he was confronted with the damage after opening his curtains on Wednesday morning.

“To say I was shocked would be an understatement,” he added.

“The ram was just lying there in the garden, chewing away on the pot plants.

“I guess he must have seen his reflection in the doors and decided to have a fight.

“I rang the insurance company and told them, ‘You may hear this a lot – but you are never going to believe this’.”

He said he had since convinced insurers he was not trying to pull the wool over their eyes.