Suspect Arrested but not Charged in Art Theft Investigation

A man fitting the witness description of the wanted art thief, Herr Igel , was arrested in the early hours of Sunday morning. 

Following a tip-off from a neighbour, the authorities conducted a raid on the home of the suspect and took him into custody at Wood Street Police Station.

However, after several hours of intense questioning by police, the man, named locally as Rick LeGuy, was released without being charged.

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Mr LeGuy commented to the press after the incident; “I was so scared, I didn’t know what was happening. I just dropped to the ground and curled up into a ball to protect myself”

The innocent man was arrested as part of an ongoing hunt for Herr Igel

They also reissued their appeal to the public for any information regarding the whereabouts of Herr Igel or the stolen Edward Hopper artwork

In a press conference following the release of the suspect, authorities apologised for any shock or distress caused to Mr LeGuy during his arrest. 

“We’re investigating all routes,” said Detective Ouriço, “no lead is too small. We’re searching high and low for Herr Igel. Rest assured we’ll drag him out of his little nest.”

The notorious art thief is suspected to be behind the recent theft of Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks from Hogeman’s Gallery and Auction House last month.