Stolen artwork found… by you!

We wanted to say thank you to you, our clients, for partnering with us this year, but a Christmas card didn’t really seem Hedgehog enough for us. 

So, we devised a Holiday Heist, created an internationally wanted art thief, had him steal a painting from a made-up gallery, and got him to give the artwork to you for safekeeping; artwork that has been personalised to you and your brand. 

All of this so we could say a massive thank you, and wish you a very Merry Christmas.

So, no, the original Edward Hopper painting wasn’t actually stolen. 

It’s still safe and sound hanging in the halls of the Art Institute of Chicago. And, Herr Igel isn’t a real international art thief wanted for thefts across Europe, we made him up. (Herr Igel is actually Mr Hedgehog in German.)

Did you figure us out? We’ve been feeding you a load of cryptic clues for a while now, 22 of them actually!

If you want to test yourself to see if you found them all, check here to see the complete list.

We hope you enjoy your new piece of personalised art for the office, it’s been made especially for you with a bit of added extra Hedgehog flair.

Have a great Christmas and a very happy New Year, we’ll see you in 2020!

From everyone at Hedgehog,


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