Investigation Stalls as Authorities Fear Art Thief has gone Underground for the Winter

Following the arrest and subsequent release of an innocent suspect on Sunday, authorities say they have no new leads in the case that has gripped the nation.

The hunt for international art thief Herr Igel, and the Edward Hopper artwork he is accused of stealing, has turned up no legitimate results. 

It is thought this CCTV image shows the moment Herr Igel stole the Hopper artwork.

Despite a nationwide appeal for any information about the whereabouts of Igel and the iconic Nighthawks painting, authorities have admitted their investigations have stalled. 

“We’ve followed every trace of information we’ve received, but it appears we’ve hit a dead end,” said Detective Ouriço.

Previous investigations into Igel have followed a similar pattern. It appears that the notorious thief strikes in the late autumn and then retreats underground in the winter to evade capture following the increased police attention. 

While police are continuing the search for Herr Igel, they admit they are unlikely to find any new information to aid them in the pursuit of the thief. 

However, authorities are encouraging any member of the public with information surrounding the whereabouts of Hopper’s stolen Nighthawks to pass that information along to the police. 

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Igel has, in the past been known to leave the artworks stolen in his crimes at various public locations such as schools, hospitals and places of work.

Members of the public are advised to remain vigilant in the search for the painting taken from Hogeman’s Gallery and Auction House in late November. 

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