Iconic Painting to be Auctioned for First Time in 70 Years

Nighthawks, by Edward Hopper, is to be sold for the first time since it was bought by The Art Institute of Chicago in 1942. 

The painting was bought by the Chicago gallery for $3000 (£2329) over 70 years ago and has been displayed in the American city ever since.

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Nighthawks has become an iconic work of American art and Edward Hopper’s most well-known painting.

The sale will be hosted by a little known gallery and auction house, Hogeman’s, on Monday the 25th of November. 

Another of Hopper’s lesser-known paintings, Chop Suey, broke records when it sold for $91.1 million (approximately £70.7 million) to an anonymous seller in 2018. 

Pre-sale estimates indicate that the much-parodied painting may reach upwards of an unprecedented £100m at the highly anticipated auction. 

The painting depicts three anonymous figures sitting around a city diner at night, with a server bent behind the wooden counter. 

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The artwork has become iconic as a symbol of the solitary nature of living in a large city.

The auction of Nighthawks is due to take place at Hogeman’s Gallery and Auction House on the 24th of November.

Ahead of the sale, the painting will be on display to the public in the Hogeman’s gallery space.