Art Heist the Work of International Thief Herr Igel?

New developments in the hunt for a stolen Edward Hopper painting indicate it may have been the work of the notorious international art thief, Herr Igel.

The connection to Herr Igel was made after a series of paw prints were discovered by authorities at the scene of the crime last night.

It has been previously speculated that these paw prints are a signature of Herr Igel’s work, left behind at various other heists that have been linked to the infamous thief. 

Authorities have revealed they suspect this discovery is proof that the recent theft of Nighthawks from London’s Hogeman’s Gallery and Auction House was carried out by the elusive thief. 

Little is known about the infamous criminal, who is wanted for thefts across Europe, except that he marks his thefts with a ‘signature’; his series of paw prints.

The only image of suspected art thief Herr Igel captured on CCTV. However, the image is too poor quality to provide any clues to the thief’s true identity.

Despite his international reputation and multiple reported eye witness descriptions of his appearance, authorities have never been able to identify Herr Igel.

The master larcenist has been linked to a number of heists across the UK in recent years, including thefts from the Tate St Ives, the British Museum and the National Portrait Gallery.

The painting was stolen just hours before it was due to be sold at auction on the 25th of November, where it was estimated the painting would have fetched over £100 million. 

While the discovery of the pawprints marks the first lead in this case for authorities, they have yet to make an arrest or find any hard DNA evidence linking the infamous thief to the stolen artwork.

Police are still appealing to the public for any information pertaining to the theft of the iconic artwork.